Meet Roy Ulrich, CEO of RUF

Meet Roy Ulrich, CEO of RUF

I’d like to introduce you to our CEO, Roy Ulrich. We can’t talk about RUF without first understanding who Roy is, what his core values are and why he created RUF. 

He had a dream to empower as many people as he can live their happiest, healthiest lives. He made a promise to himself years ago that he would put in the work every single day to get closer to this dream. Spoiler Alert: He. Hasn’t. Stopped. 

Roy wakes up every day with a drive to better not only himself but everyone he’s in contact with. He wants you to know that no matter what you do, you can always become a better version of who you are today. He says this often, “You are either growing or dying”. He wants you to learn to love the process of growth.

He has always craved that. From the time he was a kid he was striving for greatness. When it came to the sports he did, he never stopped wanting to be the best. His parents were an integral part of teaching him to push himself to achieve his goals. 

When he was 19 years old he decided to start RUF. This is where his promise to himself began… to make a step every day toward his ultimate goal. Whatever that looked like to him at the time. Something that would propel him forward toward his dream of owning his own business.

Fitness had become a very important part of his life. Instead of falling victim to the opinions of others telling him he couldn’t be or look a certain way, he used that as fuel to prove them wrong. It was during that time that he decided he needed to help others feel as empowered as he was. 

When he started RUF, Roy went through many hard times. Times where he would get really excited about the prospect and the direction RUF was going, and times he didn't know how he was going to make it work. At the end of the day, he never stopped. He always found that drive to keep going. He kept his promise to himself. 

The things you don't know about Roy are the things that make him the man, the boss and the coach he is today. Roy has sleepless nights thinking about ways he could better his business. Ways he can reach more people. Ways to give YOU a better life. He constantly reads leadership books, or those nitty gritty self help books that punch you in the gut. 

Oftentimes our own egos stop us from learning. Roy refuses to let his ego get in his way. He will always put himself out there and ask for help. He will talk to whoever he needs to talk to to get it done. To gain the knowledge he needs to gain. He is the ultimate student. Constantly learning.

He never stops. When he feels like he’s getting stagnant he recognizes it and lights his own fire to get up and get moving. He will never settle for less than the best. If there’s a problem, he creates a solution. He really does embody everything RUF stands for. That no excuses lifestyle. He doesn’t just preach this life, he LIVES it. 

He gets frustrated when things don’t turn out just as he imagined them, and I would be lying if I said I understood how his brain can work so fast. 

He will never stop striving for greatness. He has far surpassed his idea for what his business could be at 19 years old. His dreams and goals are big but his desire to get them and his determination are even bigger. 

Roy wont stop until he changes the fitness industry for the better. He wants to spill the truth to anyone and everyone regardless of whether or not it might hurt your feelings. That’s how much he cares about your growth. He will give you the no-nonsense answer to everything. He will be an open book about his own struggles to help you get through yours.

He just wants to help you change your life. He wants you to be your best self. To live your happiest, healthiest life. 

“If you're not making someone else’s life better, you're living yours wrong.”

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